DO’s & DONT’s

  • lt’s recommended that threads on legs are lubricated when assembling bench for the
    first time and should be lubricated on a regular basis.
  • Caution should be taken when lifting the pdr bench, weight 22 kgs/48lbs.
  • Centre bed bolts, swivel locks, and leg knobs should be NOT over tightened.
  • lt’s recommended that 1/8 size ratchet tie down be used when securing panels to bench,
    use pre drilled holes at the bottom of swivel arms for best results. DO NOT use swivel
    knobs, leg knobs, handle or latches to tie down panels.
  • lt’s recommended that leg strap be used when repairing heavy panels, simply wrap strap
    around all 4 legs clip together and adjust.
  • Bench is load rated to 70 kgs/551bs, it’s Nor designed to be stood or sat on.
  • Bench height should not exceed 1.3mtrs (4 1/2 ft)
  • Caution should be taken when moving the pdr bench on an uneven surface.
  • Wheel maintenance, regularly check wheel bolt for tightness, may loosen with
    excessive use, it’s located under wheel locks,
    Bearings should also be lubricated on a regular basis.
  • When packing pdr bench away refer to diagram supplied.
  • This product has 12 months warranty, applies to manufactures faults.