Mick & the Australasian Hail Network team

The Dentbench is an essential part of any dent technicians kit. Portable, quick set up , time saving & a cleaner repair every time.

Greg Baxter – Australia

Advanced PDR Products supplied me with a Fully Collapsible and Compact Panel Stand that can be assembled and disassembled in minutes. The concept of a compact easily collapsible table is the ultimate and these tables were the first to be distributed to make our lives easier.
I have used the Panel Stand in large storms and travelled overseas working with it and have always found it to be Robust and Versatile, making work easier and faster, without a doubt.
When a panel is ratchet strapped to the Panel Table, it can be easily wheeled to any location, whether is to be wheeled out of the way, or to the refit position, or also, spun 360 degrees whilst the repair is being performed, the Panel Stand is a welcome assistant.
My personal preference is to use the best equipment the industry has to offer, the Advanced PDR Products Panel Table perfectly compliments the rest of my High Quality Tool Sets used for PDR .

Mark Snell – Axident Australia

I have used and owned 3 different brands of bonnet stands and this one SHIT’s all over the other 2, Absolutely NO comparison in build quality or strength and stability , fantastic tools guys!

Simon Booth, Dent Medic – Sydney, Australia

I have been using Dent bench since it entered the market in 2008, I only wish i had had it back in 1991 when i started out. The Dent bench increases repair speeds, enables more difficult work to be ironed out and pays for itself in a matter of hours. It can handle the heaviest of panels and will still pack down neatly and travel with you easily.It is now a standard tool in my hail damage kits. Accept no imitation, and dont leave home without it !