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The T-Hotbox PDR is for the dent removal or dent reduction.

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More information about T-Hotbox

The T-Hotbox (HTR-02 3650) has revolutionised the PDR industry as we know it today.  This tool used in the hand of a skilled technician, will enable the repair and tighten the stretched and floppy dents.  A fantastic tool, a must have in your tool arsenal.

Due to its size it can be easily used, the unit has several settings that can be adjusted depending on its application. For one, the time of its use can be preset, meaning if you want to heat for example 1 sec then you can preset this time and it will stop working after the set time. The range for the time setting is 0.5 sec., 1 sec., 1.5 sec., 2 sec., 3 sec., 4 sec.. This can be helpful in the dent removal application to avoid burning the paint. Next to that the power level can be set at 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100%.

The unit comes in a small case to make its storage simple. We also added an extra long cable to make the unit easier for its hand application.

NOW AVAILABLE, 3 metre long (OPTIONAL) cable.

3m Cable