• Sturdy custom design, enable 360 degree rotation of repair work.
  • Heavy duty metals and alloy material’s used in manufacture
  • Height Adjustable legs
  • Heavy duty lockable caster wheels with gear lock brakes
  • Sturdy Canvas carry bag
  • Soft top rubber mat for technician comfort and panel protection
  • Movable & removable swivel arms for different panel applications & positioning
  • Easy deployment & setup in less than 5 minutes.
  • Load bearing up to 125kg
  • Size 90cm x 90cm
  • Height in the lowest position is 80cm. Extends to a height of 1500cm
  • Packs down in its self-contained case to 45cm x 90cm
  • Fits most panels including bonnets, boot lids, doors, tail gates and hatches comfortably
  • Panel repairs can be done standing up or sitting down with quick easy adjustment

Shipping dimensions of carton:

  • 100cm x 45cm x 10cm
  • shipping weight 22kg 48Lb

We can ship The Ultimate DENT BENCH Worldwide.

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Prototype made 2007

In early 2008 the first batch of pdr benches were made and sold to technicians works the 2008 castle hill hail storm, Sydney Australia.

After listening to feedback from pdr techs advanced pdr products knew that the pdr dent bench was great idea and could be refined even further, so in late 2008 we introduced the son1000 dent bench.

son1000 Dent Bench

SON1000 Dent bench released to the pdr industry late 2008